China and Japan, along with there beyond delicious cuisine, Religious places and aesthetic beauty, are also known for the best fabric and fashion.
Chinese clothing, along with being unique and gorgeous is also decent and extremely close to their actual and authentic, traditional nature.
This makes the Chinese dress ancient with its own modern twists to suit the needs of the Post-modern era, it has adapted the new world and is shaped as well as changed by region and time, as well as recorded by the artefacts and arts of Chinese culture.
Chinese fashion has been modified in such a way, to meet foreign influences and to remain close to culture while doing so.
The same is true for Japanese fashion!

Some of the main traditional oriental clothing that you must try are, as follows:

The Cheongsam is a beautiful traditional Chinese dress
along with modern features that makes it famous as well as well-known,

1. The Cheongsam/Qipao: The cheongsam is also known as “qipao”, it is a type of tight, body-hugging dress with distinctive Chinese traditional features borrowed from the ‘Machu region’ which makes it stand a class apart from otherworldly feminine body-hugging dresses.

Such features help the
dress highlight the best and most feminine features of the female body by
creating a nice silhouette on each and every figure!

It was commonly known as the mandarin gown during the early 1900s more precisely, during the 1920s-1930s and it was mainly popularised by the rich, upper-class women in the capital of Beijing and in the gorgeous city of Shanghai. The Qipao dress beats all the clocks by being a timeless and perfect example of proper Chinese fashion with a modern blend.

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2. The Kimono: The Kimono is the traditional outfit of the Japanese. It was chauffeured up, the popularity ladder by Hollywood movies and Japanese cartoons etc.

The kimono is like a wrap-around with is usually really hard to wear however with the modern blend, the same has been made much easier and accessible to the crowd interested in the same, around the globe. The Kimono has really long and fashionable sleeves and they usually reach from the shoulders, all the way down to one’s heels.  Different types of kimonos are worn on various different occasions however, the kimonos work for everyday use are a lot simpler than those worn, for formal occasions. Kimonos are made out of silk and are really gorgeous with amazing patterns that really draw the eyes! The Kimono is a unisex robe, it is traditionally worn by both, men as well as women.

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3.The Hanfu: The Hanfu movement was extremely famous in the 21st century, this Nationalist fashion movement was predominantly done to bring back and revive the Chinese traditional clothing. Some parts of this movement take inspiration and extract motivation from the use of traditional clothing by the minorities in China, The use of kimono in Japan and the use of Saree in India.

‘Hanfu’ is basically a name for the clothing of the Han Chinese of the pre-17th Century, They are the predominant ethnic group of China; this clothing has been known to have appeared about 3000 years ago and is said to have been the official clothing of the legendary Yellow Emperor who was one of the greatest sages of the ancient age of China.

Hanfu consists of a narrow-cuffed, knee-length tunic
tied with a sash known as ‘Yi’ and ‘Chang’, and a narrow, ankle-length skirt
worn with a sort of fabric that is supposed to reach the knees known as ‘Bixi’.

In the ancient ages, The Hanfus were made of pure silk and painted with the gorgeous and traditional colours of red and green. However, with the change in time and modernisation taking over the globe, Visit here to check out various modern versions of the Hanfu available to be worn by both men as well as women




4. Traditional Chinese Wedding dress: These types of wedding dresses used to be worn by brides in ancient China and are recognised by the gold dragons, phoenixes made with kingfisher feathers, beaded pheasants, pearls and gemstones that they are delicately adorned and carefully decorated with.

They are long gowns decorated with loads of fringes and patterns with the main auspicious colour of China i.e. Red, in the background of the same and completed with beautiful and colourful Phoenix crowns as headwear. Dresses like these, however, are now obsolete and can only be sighted on stages in Peking operas etc.

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With the rise of the Machu Qing Dynasty, a wave of modernisation spread all over china and the same brought Cheongsam style wedding dresses that rose in popularity rather faster than expected!

These dresses are much lighter and lesser extravagant as compared to the tradition dresses, however, they are extremely charming and decent, made with sequence and sport gorgeous peacock designs with the gorgeous Cheongsam style that took over the world by storm, completed with the gorgeous and auspicious red colour.

These are often working with buns and gorgeous as well as decorative hair-sticks by brides as they walk further to embrace their committed futures into their new houses while bringing the blessings of their elders as well as ancestors with them by sporting proper traditional wear. These can easily be bought at here

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